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SUMMER FUN: Just Add Water

The official start of summer (Memorial Day weekend) is right around the corner and that means only one thing: It’s time for some SUMMER fun!

In the blazing HOT Arizona summer, we all know what that means; just add some water! Whether you are lounging around a pool, spending a day at the lake or running through a sprinkler, everyone enjoys the summer season (well sort of)!

Water and summer go hand-in-hand – and that’s something to celebrate! Mostly in this Arizona heat we all know and love. (wink wink) Therefore we want to share some ways to have some fun this summer by simply adding water.

Staycation Fun

Whether you had your vacation in the spring or you are planning a winter getaway, not everyone takes a big vacation in the summer months. That’s cool! You can still have a blast on your summer staycation by adding some water. What does this look like? You can visit a splash pad with your little guppies, or you can have a massive family water balloon fight. What about an afternoon eating popsicles and running through the sprinkler, which is also a blast, just as having a squirt gun battle with the neighbor’s kids! Summer chores can be made fun as well such as washing the car or watering the plants! It’s all about perspective!

Swim lessons

Staying enrolled in swim lessons over the summer is a great way to stay in a routine. Your children will love their weekly pool time and you’ll love that they stay current on their swimming skills! Our high energy instructors use integrity, compassion, trust and teach water safety in every single lesson.

Desert Swim School believes in working with children on a very individual basis. We will assess and evaluate each child based on his/her skill displayed at the first lesson and will make changes as needed. Your input when registering with regard to your child’s swim ability and comfort level is key. Please feel free to contact us at (480) 461-3888.

Water Safety

If your children have been enrolled in weekly swim lessons throughout the summer in prior years, you may know that we focus on water safety each and every lesson! In the summer, it’s a good time to talk with – and put in action – your family’s water safety rules. After all, we want ALL children to be safer in and around the water, so we teach critical safety skills – each and every time.

Our philosophy is to combine techniques to give your child all the tools he/she needs to be safe around the water. We do not use the word ‘survival’. We do not want you to think that we can drown-proof your child. Yes, we will give your child every tool possible to be a safer and stronger swimmer; but please don’t let your guard down. There is no substitute for eye-to-eye contact. We combine our “Jump In, Turn Around” technique, the back float, and actual swimming skills to give you a balanced approach to water safety.

Please check out or Swim Safety page for more information!

Cool in the Pool

There’s no better way to spend a summer day than by swimming in a sparkling pool. Whether you are at your own pool, a friend’s pool or a community pool, swimming is a great way to burn off some energy, bond with your kids and just have fun!

Try playing family pool games like Marco Polo with your little ones or make a splash with a cannonball contest. It’s also fun to visit a nearby waterpark and try out some of the slides – if you dare!

Life’s a Beach

If you are lucky enough to enjoy the weekend at the lake or take a vacation near the ocean, you’ll probably spend a day (or several!) at the beach. There’s nothing like the surf, the sand and of course the memories you will make at the beach with your children.

It’s always a good idea to load up on the sunscreen, a beach umbrella and snacks (we like frozen grapes or juice boxes!) before heading out.

Slipping a Frisbee and some sand toys in your bag is a great way to play with your kids!

Drink UP!

Spending time by the pool is a favorite summer pastime, especially for the little ones. However, a hot day by a pool in Arizona can be dangerous without the proper hydration even through the fall season.

While swimming is an activity surrounded by water, it’s a very strenuous activity that requires a large amount of energy. Playing or swimming in a pool can cause our bodies to sweat in the pool, even if we don’t see it. This is often the main reason why we oftentimes neglect to drink water when swimming; a common misconception that can make the pool a dangerous dehydration zone under the sun’s hot rays.

As we know drinking water in the hot summer months is essential, and you may have a hard time getting your child to stop and actually drink some water. Try and make it more appealing by freezing juice in ice cube trays and adding it to their water for a little color and flavor. Small cups of liquid are less daunting than a larger one, and fruits and vegetables (especially watermelon, celery and cucumbers) are also great sources of water. If you have more than one kid, make sure they have individual water bottles. It’s a great way of monitoring how much a child is taking in!

Desert Swim School

At Desert Swim School, we want everyone to love the water – and be safer in and around the water – leading to a fun experience. That’s why we offer swim lessons starting as young as 10 months old. Check out our locations and find the location nearest you or let us come to your pool for the convenience and comfort, and start swimming today! We hope to see you and your child(ren) there!

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