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Frequently Asked Questions:


How many lessons does my child get per session?

Desert Swim School packages all lessons into an eight lesson session. This means that every session at every location will consist of eight 30-minute swim lessons. 

What should I bring to my child’s swim lesson?

Please refer to our Tips for a Good Swim Lesson page for a short list of items you may want to bring to your swim lesson.

How should I register for swim lessons with Desert Swim School?

We have two easy ways to register; online or by phone. To register by phone please call (480) 461-3888 and ask for the Swim Lesson Coordinator. To register online click here.

Does Desert Swim School charge me any extra hidden fees?

Nope, never! We do not charge a registration fee. If you choose to do Automatic Enrollment we will charge you before the start of the session but there is no penalty to cancel before you are charged. If you want to continue in lessons and are not in the Automatic Enrollment program please inform us by calling (480) 461-3888. Please check out our Policies page to review all charging policies.

What level should my child be in?

Please refer to our Skill Level Descriptions page for information on what is taught in each level.

How many sessions will it take my child to learn how to swim?

Each child learns at a different pace, we do our very best to ensure each child progresses in each lesson. We do not guarantee that your child will be swimming after one session but we will continue to work with them at their individualized pace regardless of the level they are placed in. Our levels can vary greatly for example we may have a class of timid beginners and a class of beginners who are building confidence and will soon be swimming. If you are concerned about your child’s progress please contact us at (480) 461-3888

What if my child missed a lesson due to an illness?

We are so sorry that your child was sick, but thank you so much for keeping them home and reducing the spread of their illness! We do our very best to accommodate our clients with make-up classes but make-ups are based upon availability and are limited to one make-up per child per session. We maintain quality and safety by keeping our child to instructor ratio at 4:1, we will never overfill a class for a make-up. Please see our make-up policy here.

Do you offer swim lessons for older beginners and adults?

Yes we have a few options for older beginners. If your child is between the ages of 6 and 17 and is a complete beginner with no swimming experience we recommend signing them up for a private class. You can see private swim lesson pricing for children here.

We also have options for adult beginners, we offer small group and private classes to suit your needs. Please visit our Adult Lessons page for pricing and information or call the office at (480) 461-3888.

Does Desert Swim School offer lessons for persons with disabilities or special needs?

Yes! Desert Swim School has many instructors who are experienced in teaching lessons to those with special needs. Please call our office at (480) 461-3888 and ask for our Swim Lesson Coordinator. She will be happy to review every possible option with you.

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