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Desert Swim School has been serving the East Valley with water safety and swim lessons since 1985. Serving Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe with swim lessons is our passion. Many parents choose to travel from surrounding areas because they see the benefits of our amazing instructors, our caring nature and our customer service.

“Four years ago, we tried Desert Swim School’s parent-tot class and fell in love with the teachers, their techniques and the fun.  Over the past four years my child has attended weekly swim classes where I have watched her progress as a child who is comfortable with her swimming ability and knows what to do in the water.  I think my daughter would say that her favorite day is ‘safety day’ in which she prepares herself for being in the water unexpectedly.  We have tried other swim classes, but none have measured up to the friendliness and knowledge of the teachers at Desert Swim School.  It is important to me that the teachers take time to get to know my child while making the class enjoyable and challenging, this is why we drive from the west valley for my daughter to attend Desert Swim School.”   Erika L. – Laveen

Desert Swim School looks at each child individualy. Some children may have skills in one area (i.e. swimming on the stomach) but not in others (i.e. swimming on the back). Desert Swim School does not believe in a pass/fail method of teaching, but rather a positive approach for each child’s rate of progress in swim lessons.

In Arizona, you have many choices when you choose your child’s swim lesson program. Decide wisely. Desert Swim School takes great pride in spending the time to explain to parents what our swim lesson program is really about and how it differs from the competition. Talk to us LIVE and let us, together, decide what class is best for your child. This is important to us, and we know it’s important to you.

Prevention Methods

In Arizona, there are so many pools and bodies of water, the importance of learning to swim at an early age is just as crucial as other states. If you’ve lived here for a few years, you know that child drownings are a news headline on a regular basis. Equally horrifying are the near-drownings which often result in brain damage.

• If you have a pool, supervise your child constantly. There is no substitute for eye-to-

  eye contact.

• Install a self-closing, self-latching gate and a pool fence. Keep the gate closed and

  locked at all times.

• Keep toys outside of the fenced pool area. Avoid the temptation!

• While no child (or adult for that matter) is “drown-proof,” a child that can swim may

  be able to get himself to the side of the pool if he has been taking swim lessons.

• Learn CPR. It is every parent or caregiver’s responsibility to learn CPR and renew

  certification every two years.

How can Desert Swim School help?

Desert Swim School’s swim instructors are all trained in a progressive

4-method approach to water safety. Our methods are:

Jump In, Turn Around, Grab On, Climb Out.

We want the child to get to the side of the pool should he/she fall into it.

Back Float

A child that can float on his back with ease can float for a long time and possibly save himself.


Holding the breath, arms and kicks are needed to accomplish this skill. The further any child/person can swim, the more water safe they will become.

Safety Day

Desert Swim School also includes two Safety Days for each session. Your child will be asked to put on long pants, long sleeved shirts, and even shoes. Your child’s instructor will then help your child practice our safety techniques. Safety Day simulates an accidental fall in the water and allows children to acclimate to swimming with heavy clothing on.

We offer Parent/Tot to Competitive Swimming classes for children 10 months to 12 years!

to see our class descriptions & levels!

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