Tips for a Good Swim Lesson

You’ve only got 30 minutes. You paid for it mom and dad! Make the most out of each swim lesson. Here are some tips that may help:

• Be on time. That means at the pool, ready to start promptly at  

  class time.

• Go to the bathroom right before class. Having to get out of the  

  pool during class can take a lot of time away from your child’s

  swim lesson.

• If your child wears goggles, have them ready. That means the

  strap is adjusted and ready to use.

• Make sure your child gets enough rest before swimming lessons.

  It’s challenging sometimes, but very important. Think about how

  you would feel if you were tired or just woke up from a nice nap

  and had to go right to a class!

• Avoid having to wake a sleeping child for swim lessons. This can   make the class unpleasant for both your child and the instructor,  

  and time may be lost trying to get your child focused on being in


• Try not to interrupt the swim lesson to speak with or discipline  

  your child (unless asked by an instructor). He /She is under our  

  care and control for these 30 minutes!

• If possible, please don’t allow/encourage your child to leave the

  class to hug you, kiss you, make sure you’re watching them, or

  get a drink.


Take time to talk with your child about what to expect at swim lessons before coming to class if he/she has a difficult time in lessons or doesn’t want to attend. With your encouragement they will be more likely to enjoy swim lessons. Some other points to discuss with your child include:

        •  Taking a turn with other children

        •  Respecting the instructor and treating her nicely

        •  Listening and following directions

        •  Following safety rules in and around the water

What should I bring to my child’s swim lesson?

        • A swim suit

        • A towel

        • Non-slip footwear (like Crocs or other waterproof shoes)

        • Goggles if your child prefers to wear them

        • A swim diaper (for children in the Parent-Tot class who

          are not potty trained)

We appreciate your business and want your child to get the most out of each class at Desert Swim School.