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Our Backyard Swim Lessons:

One Session = six, 30-minute classes

$129 per student (3-4 per class of similar ability)

  • Alma School/Rio Salado

  • Red Mountain Country Club

  • Cooley Station Community (must be a resident)

  • Mulberry Community (must be a resident)


Your Backyard Swim Lessons:

One Session = eight, 30-minute classes*

$215 per student (3 to 4 per class – based on eight, 30-minute lessons)

$279 per student (2 per class)
$375 for a one-on-one private session

Pool owner bonus – Deduct $20 from your total when you have two or more “groups” back-to-back in your pool!

*Backyard lessons are held at your home or community pool

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