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  • Abigail Stalnaker

Pet Jellyfish

Things you need to make your own jellyfish (Hopefully you can find all these in your kitchen):

1. A transparent plastic grocery bag 2. A plastic water bottle 3. Thread 4. Food coloring 5. Scissors


  1. Flatten the bag and cut off the handle and the bottom part (see picture 1)

  2. Cut along both sides (see picture 2) to split into 2 plastic sheets

  3. From the center of the plastic sheet, fold it like a tiny balloon to make the head and tie it with the thread – not too tight (see picture 3) You must leave a little hole in order to pour some water in the head

  4. With the "head balloon" part at the top, the bottom half will be the tentacles. Cut from the edge up to the head - you’ll get about 8-10 tentacles (see picture 4)

  5. For each of them, cut again into 3-4 small strings (see picture 5) – and just cut off the remaining part off

  6. Put some water into the head part to make it sink (see picture 7). You must leave some air inside to make be able to float up (see picture 8).

  7. Fill up your water bottle (see picture 9). Put your jellyfish in the bottle with a few drops of blue food coloring. Screw in the cap and that’s all!

Don’t forget to make sure the cap is properly closed and tight before give it to children! How to play:

Just let the kids turn it upside down – they’ll be surprised to see it moves every time they turn the bottle. And they’ll try to confuse this little jellyfish by turning the bottle back and forth very fast! For young kids, this will help them exercise their hand and arm muscles when they flip, rotate or turn the bottle. They can also learn about the relationship between the direction of bottle and the movement of the jellyfish. For older kids, you can ask them questions about why the jellyfish always floats up to the water's surface and what are the differences between real jellyfish and the one in the bottle. HAVE FUN!

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