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  • Abigail Stalnaker

Everyone Benefits from Year - Round Swimming Lessons

When it comes to kids who want to do it all, play every sport, and participate in after-school clubs, it’s important not to forget about swim lessons. Unlike other sports, swimming is skill that not only benefits kids mentally and physically, but also a skill that could someday save their lives. So, while some parents may consider taking their children out of swim lessons because they are engaged in other activities throughout the school year, here are some key factors to consider before making a decision:


The most important factor is safety. It’s no surprise that swimming is a necessity when living in Arizona. The scorching temperatures in the summer months combined with easy access to family/community/local club pools, water parks, lakes and rivers makes learning to swim well essential for everyone. For most children, one summer of swim lessons or joining the swim team isn’t enough. Learning to swim with technique and stamina takes time and exposure. Also, water hazards don’t discriminate against the changing seasons. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen -- nor does it mean the skills your child learned over the summer are set in stone. Instead of letting another year pass by, take the time now to build and maintain confidence in these water safety skills and techniques. The peace of mind that comes with knowing a child is safe in the water is priceless.


Take advantage of more availability during the “off season” months. In the spring and summer months, pools and instructors are extremely busy and it can be tricky to get the exact time spot you want or need for your schedule. However, in fall and winter months there is more opportunity to customize your swim schedule at Desert Swim School. Parents can lock in their requested days and times and hold onto them throughout the year. Thus, when spring rolls back around, your desired time spot has been established and secured.

Family Friendly

Swimming is a sport that families can participate in together. You aren’t just sitting on the side lines cheering or spending tons money on uniforms. While the aspects of supporting your child in other sports are wonderful, swimming is a sport that allows parents to be a true role model for their children. Building a culture of movement within a family unit upholds the “Parent Promise”; to physically and mentally encourage children to move their bodies, test their limits and motivate them to do their best by following your lead. Inside and outside of lessons, swimming together is the best part! Bonding and feeling more connected in any aspect of a child’s life is so rewarding and vital to their progress and success.

Physically, Mentally, Cognitively

Studies show that children who participate in swim lessons early in life tend to do better in school because they have improved problem solving skills and an increase in overall efficiency of brain process. The link between engaging in sports and other extra-curricular activities and increasing grades can be viewed at: Lifelong-Brain-Benefits-Swimming. In a nutshell, when swimmers were compared with non-swimmers, some of the noticeable benefits included:

1. Better balance, movement, and grasping techniques

2. More advanced cognitive and physical development

3. Teamwork, building confidence and learning to set goals

4. Development of social skills

5. Regular exercise reducing stress, anxiety and depression and perhaps even increase body relaxation

6. Following and sticking to a routine inside and outside of lessons

Healthy Life = Happy Life

Keeping children active, healthy and engaged is every parent's goal. Exercise - even in moderation - can help boost the immune system. Keep children healthy by staying in swim lessons during fall and winter seasons, a time when sickness tends to run rampant. Of course, when runny noses and coughs arise it's always best not to put additional stress on a child; however, keeping them enrolled in swimming lessons when they ARE healthy will help them continue to build a strong immune system. Additionally, swimming helps your child stay healthy in the following ways:

1. Improves cardiovascular health by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels (for all ages!) lower

2. One of the most effective exercises for kids to strengthen every muscle in their body

3. Helps your child burn off the calories in fat that build up over time

4. Helps prevent diabetes and childhood obesity


Desert Swim School is NOW ENROLLING for year-round swim lesson sessions. Read more about our locations, dates, and prices HERE or call 480-461-3888.

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