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  • Janice Jaicks

What Sets Desert Swim School Apart from the Rest?

Getting a “Thank You” card from my instructor Miss Leah really moved me. How lucky I am to have such an amazing team of instructors at Desert Swim School. I realized this truly sets us apart from other schools. Leah put in her two weeks notice because she was offered a position in California to continue her work in the corporate wellness field. I was shocked to see that she wrote ME a thank you card! I mean, shouldn’t it be the other way around?!

"As excited as I am for this new adventure, I am so very sad to be leaving all of my little swimming friends I have made over the last year through Desert Swim School. Getting back into the water and teaching swim lessons has reminded my why I fell in love with all things swimming 25 years ago. I can only hope that I was able to pass my love of the water on to all of the kids I was lucky enough to swim with here."-Miss Leah

Leah was always on time, never asked for time off, and was amazing with kids of all ages and abilities. To say the least, there were many tears last Tuesday at our Chandler/Dobson pool!

Desert Swim School has been working to help kids be safer in the water since 1990. We have worked with kids ages 10 months to 12 years old all over the East Valley. What sets us apart from other swim schools is our instructors and their passion to teach children. Our instructors guide and encourage students throughout their progress, praise their success, pay close attention to their safety, and creating memorable experiences in the water while having fun. When we look at the kids in our classes, we don’t just look at them as a “whole” group. Children learn in different ways, respond differently, and comprehend things at different times. Even students who are the same age and in the same class level are not expected to be the same.

Learning swim and safety skills in the pool isn’t just physical learning; cognitive and developmental skills are also cultivated. Because we know this, a lesson plan is not written in stone or in black and white. Sometimes we physically demonstrate a movement, sometimes we use words, sometimes another child demonstrates. It’s really based upon each class and the individual children within the class. Not only does this intentionally set goals and push limits of our students, but it does the same for our instructors! Desert Swim School teachers understand and respect the learning process.

I want to thank Miss Christina, Miss Heather, Miss Maria, Miss Rylee, Miss Suzi, Miss Kyla, Miss Libby, Miss Jacqui, and Miss Shay for sharing the passion for swimming with all our Desert Swim School students! And to Miss Leah, thank you, we wish you the best luck in California. You will be missed!

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