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  • Christina Haneghan

What's in YOUR Swim Bag?

Between swim lessons and summer swimming fun, it is important to make sure you have the essentials in your swim bag. Here is a list of items to consider when putting together a swim bag for you and your little one(s).

  1. A swim bag! If you do not have a dedicated bag for your swim items, we suggest you get one. This gives you an easy place to put everything so you are less likely to forget something.

  2. Towels. You should have a towel for everyone swimming. If you are in need of new swim towels or want to add more excitement to swim lessons, let your swimmer pick out a towel that is just for swimming activities.

  3. Swimsuits. Make sure you have a swim suit for every person swimming. If you do not put swim suits on at home, it can be easy to forget swim suits.

  4. Goggles. While these are not required for swim lessons, many swimmers enjoy having them. If your swimmer is used to having them or is at the point where they are swimming multiple laps, not having goggles can drastically change their swim ability. It is a good idea to have the goggles “live” in the swim bag so they are always with you.

  5. Swim diapers. If you have a small swimmer that is not yet potty trained, you will need a swim diaper while in the pool. It is a good idea to bring an extra one, too. You never know when you might rip through one or just need an extra.

  6. Clothes. Pack a pair of clothes for everyone swimming. This way you don’t have to wear a wet bathing suit home. It is always a good idea to pack an extra pair of clothes, at least for the little swimmers. If your child is not potty trained, don’t forget a regular diaper.

  7. An extra bag or towel. After you change, your swim suit(s) will still be wet. Instead of putting wet swim suits back into your swimming bag, you can place them in another bag (like a grocery bag) until you get home.

  8. Sunscreen. If you are going to be outside, you should put sunscreen on your child(ren) as well as yourself.

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