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  • Lucia Wooten

Top 3 Products to Help Your Family Beat the Heat

1. The Noggle (

The Noggle prevents sweaty, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous car rides for children in the summer and keeps kids warmer and more comfortable during the winter months. "I wish every new family in the Southwest had a Noggle," says Gretchen Carter (AZ mom to 2-yr-old). "Our cars get SO hot in the summer months, and with the little ones turned around backward they can get extremely overheated and uncomfortable before the air conditioning can circulate."

2. Meeno Cool Mee Carseat and Stroller Liners (

Made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes to prevent overheating and perspiration keeping baby cool and comfortable. Meeno Cool Mee Liners can be used in carseats and strollers.

3. Cool on the Go Portable Fan (

The Cool on the Go® fan with LED lights has a stroller feature that easily clips on to any stroller or baby seat to help keep the child cool. "We LOVE our Cool on the Go fan for our kids. Because Arizona is so hot a lot of the time, we had to find a way to still enjoy outdoor activities, but keep our kids comfortable and safe. We've purchased THREE in the past few years and recommend them to everyone!" says John Ruiz (dad to twin 4-yr-olds).

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