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Water Aerobics

Desert Swim School provides water aerobics for active communities and assisted living or retirement homes. For members and residents instructors for various active communities in the Phoenix-Metro area. If you know of a community that would be interested in offering weekly water aerobics classes to their members, contact our office at (480) 461-3888 for details.


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Water Aerobics Instructors:

Janice Jaicks

Janice has been teaching water aerobics since 1985 when she was asked to teach at the Mesa YMCA. She has worked with all populations (athletes, older adults, special populations) at health clubs and resorts since that time. Her sense of humor, motivating attitude and caring nature make her one of the most sought-after instructors in the valley. Janice has also managed and trained hundreds of aqua instructors over the past 20 years. She is the creator and presenter of Aqua Progressions, a training designed for new and veteran water aerobics instructors to learn choreography tools, review safety and contraindications for all populations, and understand the principles and properties of water for a safe, effective workout. Janice has presented for several national organizations such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, and her own FitnessFest and AquaCon conferences. 

Connie Lagerhausen

Connie has been an aquatic fitness professional, swim coach and swim instructor for over three decades and has been certified in all areas of aquatics. With her well-rounded background in swimming and aqua fitness, Connie specializes in aquatic personal training, private adult swim lessons, aqua aerobics, aqua running, endurance swimming and aqua yoga. Connie has also worked privately with several professional athletes for swim instruction and cross-training, and instructed one of the participants of Extreme Weight Loss: Season 4 to overcome his fear of the water. Connie is currently the Adult Aquatic Specialist for Desert Swim School and Fitness Works Health Clubs and has spent the last several years developing unique adult swim programs for these companies. She is AEA-certified, is working on her 200-hour RYT, and has presented numerous continuing education workshops for FitnessFest, AquaCon and IAFC.

Jerny Rieves

Jerny has been teaching group exercise and personal training since 1987.  She received her degree in Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University and has received additional certifications from the YMCA, the Aquatic Exercise Association, American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  She has a passion for helping all ages and abilities reach their personal best. Jerny is also a popular speaker, adjunct professor, author, radio personality and health coach. She has 30 years experience educating and motivating groups and individuals to better themselves through healthy behavior change. Her fun and dynamic personality has made her a favorite guest for personal appearances, speaking engagements, and in the media. Her passion for assisting others in achieving their personal best, and her genuine love for others, has inspired thousands. Jerny serves as an example on how personal challenge creates opportunity and strength and it is her sincere desire to share that message around the world.

Laurie Hegna

Laurie started her fitness career 7 years ago becoming a yoga instructor. She got certified for group fitness around the same time. Recently she also received training in aquatic exercise.  “I have been around pools lifeguarding and teaching people to swim most of my life. So it seemed natural to teach water aerobics. I love teaching all ages.Teaching the senior population has taught me so much about injuries, aging bodies, and safety.  The active adult keeps me challenged to stay on top of my game”. Laurie is  also certified in Matt Pilates and Barre Above. She is married with four children. 

Rick German

Rick originally hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and came to Arizona by way of Baltimore, Maryland where he married and lived for 9 years.  He grew up playing football, tennis, golf and handball.  As an adult, Rick has run marathons and acquired certifications for teaching numerous exercise classes.  Rick is certified to teach cycling through the LeMond Academy, Hydrorider which is aqua cycling, Aqua Progressions for water aerobics, and finally Barre Above.  Rick loves teaching all types of classes, but especially enjoys working with the older adults in the pool. He gets much satisfaction in helping them stay healthy and fit through aqua exercise. Personally, Rick enjoys a regular workout routine which includes hiking the local mountains, outdoor cycling and stretching.  In addition to being passionate about a regular workout routine, Rick has a love for traveling, cooking, entertaining with friends and spending time with his family.  He is married to Betty and they have a son.  When they moved to Arizona in 2007, Rick made a career change to stay home with his son while his wife pursued her professional career as an endodontist.  Rick appreciates listening to many genres of music and has thoroughly enjoyed putting together new playlists to inspire members during his classes.  He is very friendly and has a great fervor for meeting new people, so when you see him, stop and introduce yourself!

Julia Baxter

Julia Baxter has been working with the older adults in the water at Vi at Grayhawk for several years. Recently she added Maravilla to her line-up. Julia also has works as a group fitness and cycle instructor at the Scottsdale YMCA, and the JCC in Scottsdale. Julia is AEA and Cooper Institute certified and annually gets recertified and re-motivated by attending FitnessFest Conferences. “My water workouts offer all the benefits of land-based exercise without the stress on joints caused by gravity. Jogging and jumping can be performed comfortably in water because participants are supported by buoyancy.  Non-swimmers OK too”! Julia’s other job involves pet sitting!

Lisa Cargill

Originally from Buffalo, NY Lisa Cargill graduated with a BA from Buffalo State College and JD from Albany Law School. She began teaching all types of Group Fitness Classes in 2003, while working as an attorney. Lisa is certified through AFAA as both a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer, keeps her Red Cross CPR and First Aid current, and recently achieved her “Aqua Progressions” Certificate of Completion. Lisa recently became a better swimmer in order to compete in triathlons. She is married with a 6 year old son and a 12 year old kitty!

Karine Devine

Originally from Bordeaux France, Karine grew up by the Ocean as a swimmer, surfer and lifeguard. She moved to the U.S in 1995 and started to train in running races and triathlons. She recently became a Schwinn Cycle Instructor and completed her ‘Aqua Progression Certificate”. She is married and has 3 children.

Jody Evans

Jody Evans has been actively involved in the fitness and weight loss industry since 1990, focusing on teaching group exercise and operating her own personal training business. She has a bachelor's degree in business from San Diego State University and has been a member of American Council on Exercise since 2002.  Jody currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband of 24 years and two teenage children.  Jody has a passion for helping her clients and class participants be the best that they can be!

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