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J. Jaicks Desert Swim School Owner

“Connie is an amazing adult swim instructor. She’s one of a kind! She has assisted everyone from a fearful clients that has a dealt with lifelong phobia of water to a triathlon trainee wanting to improve swim time in a race… and everything in-between. Connie has helped hundreds to achieve (and exceed) their personal goals through her encouragement, knowledge and by going the extra mile with practice routines, follow-ups and TLC. We have found that one-on-one private lessons work best due to the individual levels of adult swimmers. In some instances, having one or two partners of similar ability can be effective and a great way to save money and have fun!”

R. Ferguson

“Based upon Connie’s instruction and teaching style, I absolutely love to swim! I have continued to make progress and it is unbelievable what she has been able to accomplish with me. I did not think I had the ability, but in reality, I did not have the knowledge of what it took to be a swimmer. I have been training with her ever since and have no plans to stop. It has been a blessing in many ways. Thank you, Connie!!”


“I was signed up for a triathlon with friends prior to having the ability to swim the length of a pool. I knew I could run and bike, but instantly panicked about the swim. I went to classes at the YMCA and then trained with a training group, but never really felt good in the water. I was swimming, but struggled with endurance and definitely did not enjoy it. I completed my triathlon in Costa Rica and decided that I wanted to continue and get better in the water. I was introduced to Connie at Fitness Forum and decided to take a few lessons from her and see what happened. I did not know what to expect, but knew I wanted to ‘dislike it less’.

K. Barnes

“I can’t say enough great things about Desert Swim School’s Adult Swim Lessons. Once my husband saw the difference in my swimming, he decided it was time to take some lessons too! For anyone who this they are too old to learn how to swim, or if you just want to brush up on your form, I highly recommend Connie. I can honestly say the lessons are worth every penny.”

J. Roland

“I felt so good in the water that I am considering other challenges to further push me and develop my swimming. I went from not being able to swim to an Ironman swimmer and beyond with Connie’s coaching and encouragement.”


“At 6:45am on Sunday 18 November 2012, I confidently jumped in Tempe Town Lake with 2600+ other competitors. When the cannon went off at 7am, I began what would be a 1 hour 38 minute swim. Just a few minutes in, I realized I had found my Zen as I swam calmly, strongly without stopping, confident in my ability. Thanks to Connie’s knowledge and pinpoint accuracy in identifying the issues and applicable solutions, I was able to reduce my swim time for the 2.4 mile swim by 10 minutes (a 9% improvement!!!).”


“Having completed Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) in 2010, I came back to swimming after a year off, with 9 months to get ready for IMAZ 2012. During the first couple months back in the pool I struggled, not feeling the least bit comfortable swimming. I called Connie and we met for private lessons. Almost immediately she recognized some challenges I needed to overcome, including the change in my body composition (I had lost 20 lbs while increasing muscle mass). With a few focused lessons, followed by speed work, I was ready for the Endurance Build-up phase of training.”

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