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  • Lucia Wooten

Delicious Halloween Snacks For Kids

1. Grapefruit Jack-o-Lanterns

Need to give your kids a break from all the candy?

Use a grapefruit to carve out a pumpkin face, then fill with fruit or veggies, for a snack little ones will love.

To get the recipe: Click Here


2. Silly Apple Bites

Snacking can be both healthy and fun with these festive, no-bake treats.

To get the recipe: Click Here


3. Tangerine Pumpkins & Banana Ghosts


• Tangerines or Cuties, peeled

• Celery, cut into small sticks

• Bananas, peeled and cut in half

• Mini chocolate chips


• Stick celery into tops of tangerines

• Stick chocolate chips into bananas

• Now, wasn't that easy!?!


4. Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

This snack is just so adorable!

To get the recipe: CLICK HERE

5. Spider Crackers


• Round crackers such as Ritz

• Pretzel sticks

• Cream cheese, unsalted peanut butter, almond butter or any nut butter

• Small dried fruit such as raisins, blueberries or cranberries (or even mini chocolate chips)


• Spread cream cheese, peanut or almond butter on two crackers so that it's thick enough to secure the pretzels.

• Break 4 pretzel sticks in half.

• Place the 8 broken pieces around one cracker to look like spider legs.

• Take the second cracker and sandwich the pretzel sticks in between the two crackers, without them moving.

• Dip two raisins in cream cheese or nut butters and stick them to the top of one side of the spider for eyes.

• Serve immediately or within a few hours at the most.

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