My 5 year old daughter has been working with Barbara at Desert Swim School in a group of 4 kids and LOVES swim class. We have been through 3 centers and 6 swim instructors both one on one and group lessons. This is the first time I see my daughter shine with progress, pride and excitement. Barbara is incredible with the kiddos, she gauges exactly where they each are and pushes each of them to do a little more from wherever they are in their abilities. She has a way of encouraging them that fills them with pride and a drive to do more, you can see it in each of their faces. In just a couple of weeks’ time my daughter is so much farther along than she has been in 2 years of coaches! Thanks Barbara!  Your level of experience and commitment to these kids ability to be safe in the water (independently) shows! 

Meagan v.

“I just wanted to let you know what a great job Libby did this weekend substituting for Christina at my daughter’s swim lesson. My 3 year-old can be difficult at times, and at that age she is not a very good listener. She is squirmy and easily distracted. However, my expectations of her behavior are high and I really appreciate how quickly and appropriately Libby managed her misbehavior during the lesson. Libby’s approach was timely and effective, and mirrors what I would have done if she wasn’t listening to me at home”. From our Gilbert mom, Megan V.

J. Griesbeck

There are so many things from Desert Swim School that work well: Class sizes are kept small so teachers can focus as much attention on each student as possible. I also enjoy the progress reports you pass out at each session. It’s helpful have those notes to see what we could work on at home. Also, it’s fun to compare more recent reports to past ones to see how far the kids have come! I know they are probably a big job for the teachers to put together, but I appreciate them. Though substitutes may have a different style of teaching or different “tricks” to teach the kids, they have lesson plans from our regular teacher and the kids stay on track! Plus they treat the kids with respect and strive to help them improve in the short time they are there. The songs/rhymes, games and repetition of class activities/structure makes it easy for kids to remember and learn! Janice seems to instinctively know when to push a kid further without scaring him/her. I’ve seen many kids go from being very timid of the water to going underwater and starting to swim in a few short lessons. She has a way of getting children to trust her and want to do well, even with kids younger than two. She meets kids where they are in terms of swimming ability, development and personality. She also has unending patience and is always very respectful when talking to all kids from 10 months on up. The gym locations and the option of classes at home make it very convenient for most people in the East Valley.

E. Klug

Ms. Christina is AMAZING.  My girls absolutely love going to swim lessons, and it’s because of Ms. Christina.  She knows how to push each one to their maximum capability and makes them feel comfortable in the water. My girls have significantly improved after each session and it’s so much fun to watch their progress in our own pool.  We tried a few other swim schools and are very happy we found Desert Swim School.  Not only is the instruction impeccable, but it’s also the most reasonable rate in town. THANK YOU Desert Swim School!!!

S & J Reyes

Desert Swim School is a strong swimming program that incorporates both safety and fun into their sessions.  We’ve had our 4 and 6 year old daughters in the Desert Swim School programs since the age of 1 ½ and are pleased to see that they have worked with our children during different periods of their development.  When they were fearful, they were comforted.  When they needed to be pushed, they helped us find the appropriate instructor.  When our schedules needed to be accommodated, they would make available different facilities and/or times that would work with our schedules.  Now that our girls are swimming in more advanced classes, they are truly enjoying it and getting a great workout.  We recommend this program to anyone interested in a children’s swim program for either recreation or competition. Their instructors can meet and change to the needs of new swimmers, as well as those who are more advanced in their skills

E. Tadman

I love Desert Swim School!  My 5 year old was so afraid of the water she wouldn’t get into a pool.  After 3 months of lessons she was swimming across the pool unassisted! Her confidence grew with each lesson. People ask me all the time where my 3 (now 4) year old learned to swim, they can’t believe how well she swims. The instructors are amazing! This is our second year of Desert Swim School lessons (2x per week) with our now 4 year old.  We persevered through months of lessons last summer when our daughter at times would not even get in the water!  I can now proudly say that through consistency and the efforts of teacher, Promise, our daughter is swimming really, really well and loves her lesson and her teacher. I can’t wait to get in the pool with her this summer and see her swimming independently!


We have been swimming with DSS for 4 years now and love it! Both of our kids love the teachers and the class structure. My oldest son has been taking classes from the beginner level and now is in the advanced swimming class and because of the great training and support is getting ready to go into team swimming next year. Our younger son started in the Parent and Tot class and is now in a beginner class. We love the flexibility and communication that we receive from Desert Swim School. Highly recommended.

K. Steinbeiss

My daughter Danika is almost 2 and she has been swimming with Desert Swim School since she was 10 months old. She loves the water!!! Thanks to the wonderful instructors she is on her way to becoming a confident swimmer. The instructors are patient and really wonderful with the kids. My husband and I would recommend this school to any of our friends and family!!!

L. Burchfield

My son is 2 1/2 now and has been swimming with Desert Swim School since he was 10 months old. He’s had several different instructors and they have all been great! Now that he is in the Beginner class in the pool without me, he has done very well and is so happy after his class! I love that the instructors are direct with the kids making sure they follow instructions and listen, but they also do a good job of praising them. Besides swimming skills, Andrew is learning to listen, take turns and he’s definitely gaining a sense of pride in himself.

R. Nichols

We have been with Desert Swim School for about 7 years now. This is the best swim lesson place out there. My girls have learned so many different safety and swim techniques I feel safe having them in the pool. Desert Swim School has great instructors and techniques taught in an effective and fun way. My kids want to go back for more all the time!