Parent – Tot Class

At Desert Swim School, we believe in having, fun, informative, safety-based Parent-Tot swim lessons. In our lessons, you will be exposed to water safety techniques for both you (how to properly hold your child in the water, how to supervise effectively, etc) AND for your tot (back floats, the Jump In, Turn Around technique, etc).

Desert Swim School’s’ Parent-Tot program is all about consistency and repetition. We look for improvement within the skills, as well as improved comfort in the water. Please note that each child is different, so it is not a good idea to compare your child with the other class participants. Our program is not an aggressive program, but we do believe that having the child go underwater at each lesson is important. While we encourage submersion, each parent may choose for him/herself what is best for his/her child.

The following is a list of tips to have an effective Parent-Tot class with us:

  • Please be on time. That means at the pool, ready to start promptly at class time. Being rushed is not a good start to your swim lessson, nor is becoming anxious by arriving too early.
  • Go to the bathroom right before class. Having to get out of the pool during class can take a lot of time away from your tot’s lesson.
  • Be positive about the pool and about your swim lessons. Saying “it’s cold” or having a negative attitude is easily passed from you to your child. With your encouragement and positive attitude, your child will be more likely to enjoy swim lessons.
  • If needed, please use good swimmie diapers!
  • Typically a child will stay in the parent-tot class until they are three years old. If a child is emotionally ready to be without you when they are two or two and a half, we are happy to try the “big girl/big boy” class. This can be discussed with your instructor.
  • Practice water safety skills and be consistent in enforcing them around all pools/bodies of water.

Remember: there is no substitute for eye-to-eye contact!


Class Format:

  • “Look Who Came to the Pool Today” with each name (advanced students should swim from instructor to parent)
  • Big Arms singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with parent
  • Kicks with parent
  • Combine big arms and kicks with floatie toy (duckie) in front (advanced students might practice swimming back and forth to instructor instead of using a toy)
  • Spiderman
  • Jump In, turn around, grab the wall, climb out
  • “Following the Leader” (Hula Hoop 3X each or more)
  • Back float
  • Swim to the wall and hold for 10 seconds (by lesson 2 or 3 of the session; increase time holding on time as students progress)
  • Wrap up song (“The Kids in the Pool”- up and down, bubbles, arms, kicks, swish)

Below is a video that demonstrates the swim skills we practice in each Parent-Tot class. As you can see, they are a lot of fun!