Where is Your Barrier

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poolguard-child-safety-pool-alarmAugust is Drowning Impact Awareness Month. Here in Arizona, we are especially at risk for drownings in both adults and children due to the large number of private pools that people have in their backyards. Does your home have the necessary requirements for pool safety?

According to the Arizona Department of Health & Safety, pool fences must be at least five feet high with openings no wider than four inches. Gates must open outward and be self-closing and self-latching. See the ordinances here.

The safest way to secure a pool is with a well-maintained fence that meets the minimum requirements set forth by law, but what about other smaller bodies of water such as ponds, fountains and spas? There are other options to secure smaller bodies of water (or as a backup method for pools) such as nets, covers and alarms. You can read more about additional barrier methods here from PoolSafely.gov. Pool covers are a great way to add a second layer of protection to your pool, but make sure you get a safety cover like these from Solar Safe Pool Covers, not just a thermal cover. And remember — even with all the barrier methods available there is no substitute for eye to eye contact. Keep your children safe around water by getting quality swimming instruction and with diligence around water at all times.

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