East Valley At-Home Swim Lessons


Enjoy the convenience of swim lessons at your own home!

Desert Swim School offers one-on-one private swim lessons, semi-private swim lessons or group swim lessons in your backyard. These lessons provide the best atmosphere (your own backyard pool) for your child’s progress and development into a safe swimmer. These lessons are especially wonderful for fearful children and children with special needs.

Backyard Pricing is the BEST in the East Valley!
Only $215 per student with 3 per class – based on eight, 30-minute lessons.
$279 per student (2 per class)
$365 for a one-on-one

Pool owner bonus
– *deduct $20 from your total
when you have two or more “groups” back to back in your pool!

 RIMG0218smGriffin has been swimming with Ms. Kailey for 2 years.  He has made a lot of progress and is capable of swimming short distances on his own – we are so proud of him!  Our whole family loves Ms Kailey.  Griffin looks forward to seeing her at each lesson and especially when she comes to our home, because he gets to throw his own toys into the pool and dive for them with her help.  Ms Kailey is really good with our son Griffin.  She encourages him to go beyond what he thinks he can do in order to get to that next level of swimming.  My daughter, Macy, has been watching Ms Kailey and Griffin for the last year and she was so excited when it was her turn to start swimming with Ms Kailey!  Just in a few weeks, Macy is already making great progress and is so much more comfortable in the water than when she started.  We really appreciate all of the time, patience, care, and love, that Ms Kailey has put into the swim lessons with our kids
-Scott & Crystal Hubley

Each session consists of eight 30-minute lessons (East Valley locations only).

Please call the office at (480) 461-3888 to schedule a session!