Libby Treadway  has been working with our team at Desert Swim School and FitnessFest Conference & Expo for six years. I remember the first day I interviewed Libby at a coffee shop in Chandler. She was only 18 or 19 at the time, and I will never forget how impressed I was by her! She was so mature for her age, so responsible and you could tell “this girl was going to go far!” Such a go-getter. Originally Libby only taught swim lessons for us, and she was VERY good at it. I quickly figured out that this girl had skills and talents that I wanted for more than just the swim business!

Libby is a fantastic technical advisor when it comes to everything from PowerPoint productions, figuring out cell phone issues, computer nightmares, and video projects. She is also a stellar trouble shooter and operations person for and at our events.

She was our expo coordinator at FitnessFest for three years and did an amazing job at organizing the vendors, sales, and marketing, and her customer service talents are second to none. Libby also is very involved with our Gila River Indian Community fitness and wellness projects. Libby has a degree from ASU in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Nutrition.

With every small business, we all have to wear more than one hat. We also have to find the right person for the right seat on the bus. Libby has worn many hats, and the most recent one is that of swim coordinator.

And, of course, the most important job of all is motherhood — in which she also excels! Libby’s little boy Ridge just turned one and just started walking. We are so thrilled that as busy as we keep her with work, she was able to capture his first steps last week! We thought you’d like to see it too! And of course he could swim before he could walk!

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